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In the visual arts, to appropriate means to adopt, borrow, recycle or sample aspects (or the entire form) of man-made visual culture. The term appropriation refers to the use of borrowed elements in the creation of a new work (as in ‘the artist uses appropriation’) or refers to the new work itself (as in ‘this is a piece of appropriation art’). The artist who uses appropriation may borrow image, sound, objects, forms or styles from art history or [(popular culture)] or other aspects of man made visual culture. Inherent in the process of appropriation is the fact that the new work recontextualizes whatever it borrows to create the new work. In most cases the original ‘thing’ remains accessible as the original, without change. And here’s it’s from Brazil, with love.

“S'approprier pour recréer. Des plus beaux magazines internationaux, Romeu Silveira récupère les séries de photographies pour en faire des collages à l'esthétique soignée. Si le créateur ne prend que le meilleur alors ses séries rendent un bel hommage à ses sources d'inspiration. Le plus: C'est beau et joliment inspiré.”


“I thought From Brazil With Love evinced professionalism, polish and a consistent aesthetic, melding the notion of found objects into a witty cultural critique that could feed back into publishing or visual art.”

ROB SHARP, art journalist

“‘From Brazil With Love’ is an art project by Romeu Silveira, going boldly under the mantra “Appropriate to recreate”. Inspired by the energy and immediacy of punk zines, Silveira works with fashion imagery – restyling the styled – to create a beguiling post-Tumblr approach to the intimate, sensual world of print.“