frombrazilwithlovestudio is an artist-run studio based in brazil 

lately, in parallel with commissioned work, frombrazilwithlovestudio has been responsible for the identity and design direction of the publishing house zero-editions and the magazine the-iconomist. here's a selection of the latest projects:

post-paysages, graphic design and identity,  2024
everything and nothing book, graphic design 2020
the iconomist, vol 1, 4 issues, graphic design and art direction 2022-present
studio: “after angus fairhurst”, 15th january 2022, 7:56 pm, collage studies 2023

studio: “untitled”, 16th september 2023, 9:17 pm, collage studies 2023

under pressure magazine, issue 13, art direction & design 2021
rellow, collage work for inaugural ad campaign, 2020

collage work for the contretemps project, 2020-2021
staynonstop, graphic design and identity, 2022, published by zero-Editions
#sandrolovesprintemps,collage & installation 2018
under pressure magazine, 13 issues, creative direction and graphic design, 2015-2021
contretemps book, graphic design and identity, 2021
modem studio, video cenography, são paulo fashion week n48 2019
a rose and a prayer by ode, graphic design and identity 2022
modem studio fw17 artbook, collage work and editorial design  2017
ruínas, collage work and graphic design,  2020-2023, identity & art direction & editorial design,
diy for theones2watch, art direction and collage work 2018

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